The Peculiar Collective was created in 2019 under the premise of building family around passion across Maryland. Fast Forward three years, over 12 events, countless virtual happy hours, tons of collaboration with over 500 members across the United States and multiple countries.


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In November 2023, we will be hosting our second conference in the DMV to assist in bringing photographers from around the country and even different countries to learn and network


Sometimes online course are great but you may need a tad bit more direction on technique, or how to provide client experience, or pricing--we're here for you.  Let's set up your 1:1 coaching session.

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With over 100 years of experience amongst our coaches, and 10s of 1000s of dollars wasted on unnecessary stuff--we are saving you decades and dollars on a trade that isn't going anywhere, anytime soon.  Take advantage of our online courses.

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Join our routine editing Zoom calls lead by a variety of experts as well as peers that have knowledge and fun energy for you to enjoy while you're doing your late night editing 


The fun happen on Zoom, but the bonding happens at our in person meetups / team builders.  We have monthly meetups so that we all can share peer-to-peer information.  Everybody has a difference way of learning --and we have you covered.  With a vast amount of photogs 

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What to Expect

For the first time ever the Peculiar Collective is bringing the family-style dynamic that it shares online to Baltimore, MD for a 2 day conference.  Enjoy community and an intimate, interactive learning environment. November 2022, our conference will consist of interactive workshops, panels, photowalks, and express talks to inspire and educate attendees in the realm of art and business. 

We are looking forward to creating an experience that inspires, teaches, and strengthens the creative not just in the arts but also in the business.  With keynotes from some of the most cutting edge photographers, and industry leaders, sessions from degreed professionals in the science of business, and creatives that have seen some of the most elaborate presentations that can assist the everyday photographer or videographer to avoid the armpit sweats...

Within the last 3 years we have grown our family from 7 to > 990.  Our goal is not only to build an audience, but we also pride ourself on strengthening peer to peer relationship



We have stretched our network across over the DMV + 22 states + 9 countries with active users and late night editing Zoom sessions


The Peculiar Collective prides itself on the family.  Its not only a learning environment but it's also a networking event.  

Did you miss the Peculiar Conference 2022??!!!!! 

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Featured Speakers

Jason McCoy
Kanayo Adibe
Myron Fields
Trene Forbes 
Chip Dizard
Kellie Finch 
Causton Greene
Mélisa Miranda
Kiati Plooks
Heather Crowder
Dwayne Morris
Dwayne Hazelwood
Nathan Templeton
Rodgers Polk
RJ Paulk