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NOV. 8 - 9




In 2019, we noticed that there was a ton of photographers that were wasting money on “Amazon exclusive lighting” and buying wide angle adapters, charging rates that made no sense, didn’t know how to communicate, and just did not have a trusted network to rely on and piggyback ideas from, so we created the Peculiar Collective to resolve the quiet void. We held our first event in 2019 with a group of 7. Since then, we have amassed a group of over 500 creatives conducting nightly Zoom sessions designed as virtual Happy Hours to build the family dynamic as well as disrupt the normal routine of the introverts, who typically otherwise work alone. 
Overtime, The Peculiar Collective has continued to gather groups of creatives in various locations throughout the U.S. From these gatherings, The Peculiar Collective Conference was born. In November 2022, The Peculiar Collective will be hosting it’s inaugural conference, from November 11-12th. According to our analysis, we are currently expecting over 100 attendees from across the country and 3 different countries between the ages of 21 to 49. The 2022 conference is mostly catered to entry to mid-level photographers looking to grow their business. Over the past two (2) years we have led multiple photographers and videographers to grow their:

Online presence and SEO
Image gallery delivery
Customer service


The Peculiar Collective 

Within the last 2 years we have grown our family from 7 to > 550.  Our goal is not only to build an audience, but we also pride ourself on strengthening peer to peer relationship



We have stretched our network across over the DMV + 18 states + 6 countries with active users and late night editing Zoom sessions


The Peculiar Collective prides itself on the family.  Its not only a learning environment but it's also a network.